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Discover how vulnerability, awareness and resilience can guide you towards greater leadership.

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Choose a Plan

Our vision for the community by host Grant Difford.

What is findthegaps?

We bring together courageous leaders to discover how their vulnerability, awareness and resilience can create more fulfilling and sustainable growth.

Sharing our leadership experiences together will allow us to bridge the gaps when we are challenged by generational difference, disruption and competition leading us to more relevant, profitable businesses and more understanding of our value in life.

Whether considering starting a business or in your 20th year. There will be moments when you ask yourself; WHY? We aim to explore those questions and to work together to find practical and sustainable answers.

What To Expect From The Community.

Leadership can be a lonely pursuit, especially when in high growth. In my experience from taking on this journey of discovery, you will never be finished developing your leadership needs.

Within the community we will explore and challenge all aspects of conventional leadership, looking to the new vision of what leadership needs to and should look like.

Together we will focus on your needs as a leader and how they affect the outcomes of your life and business.

Through discussion, podcasts, webinars, articles, live events and Q&A we want to share real-world experiences on areas including:

1. Self-worth

2. Resilience

3. Awareness

4. Communication

5. Meditation

6. Creating and delivering on your vision

7. Ask big questions like Why, What and How do we get there

8. Law of attraction

9. Values

10. Strategy

... and much much more!

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